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Camila's Online Learning Reflection: Gordon Ramsay

Chef Ramsay's online classes was full of useful information. The first thing that I learned in the Ramsay series was about vegetables and herbs. I liked the fact that he went through and spoke about how you can pair vegetables with different ingredients. You need to taste a vegetable that you aren't familiar with in every way so you know how to pair it with the adequate seasoning and/or protein. He talked about not over cutting herbs because all of the flavor will be left on the cutting board. It’s better to put the leaf in whole when it’s small to keep the flavor. My favorite episode was his iconic scrambled egg video. He talks about how to keep the egg moving and not let it grow into big curds because that allows the egg to overcook and become a rubber-like consistency. He keeps moving the eggs on and off the stove to make sure it doesn't overcook, also adding butter to bring down the temp. Another helpful tip he mentioned was to let the chicken defrost and let it dry out so it's not wet which will allow you to have better control. I learned that he doesn’t directly season his veggies when he is going to roast them but puts the salt over the herbs and then places the veggies over that. He also said that he rather just wash vegetables because sometimes when you peel them you lose flavor. He talked about how when you dredge scallops it takes away from the flavor and the lightness of the scallop. He also talked about the faster you cook a piece of fish or shellfish it's better for the texture.He also talked about how when we cook fish skin side down it needs to be hot to make sure the skin crisps up.

Chef Ramsay said that confidence helps in the kitchen. You need to manifest the idea that you are a good chef because insecurity ruins what you do. I also enjoyed that he went out of his way to tell his life story and tell us that he always wasn't able to afford the things he now has in his restaurant but that determination helped his achieve what he wanted.

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