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Hector's Reflection: Life Update in New York

It’s been three months since we came back to the city and everything so far has been good, school is going really great lately we have been making different dishes for family meal, for family meal we the students decide on what to serve for each day, this gives us a great opportunity in preparing anything we want to learn on how to make or in serving dishes which we specialize in.

For example we decided to have a taco night were I had a chance to prepare tacos al pastor, which I was lucky enough the school had all the dry chiles and spices I needed, I tried to make it the most authentic I could and it came out really good, we have also prepared paella valenciana, fresh hamburger buns, jerk pork, fish en croute, cavatelli, gumbo and a lot of other delicious dishes.

Its finally starting to get cold which I really enjoy because I love to walk everywhere and I prefer to be in a hoddie instead of the sun hitting me in the face and making me seat. This month i have been walking through Manhattan almost every week exploring different parts of Manhattan especially midtown and downtown, this time I had the chance to visit Korea town where I had a fish cake and some really good curry udon and also in another occasion I had the chance to visit Katz deli around soho which its famous for the sandwiches but specially for the pastrami , which I order and I really enjoyed it but for my opinion is a little expensive for just a sandwich.

We had the opportunity to visit Aarons mother zarella where we had the chance to learn and prepare some really amazing Mexican dishes for dinner with her recipes which included frijoles charros, salmon with a chipotle rub, chicken in a chipotle marinade, pico de gallo, an avocado dip, salpicon de huachilango and quinoa with tomatillo salsa.

Everything came out amazing, learned a lot from that amazing experience and its was really fun to be able to cook with zarella and have a chance to talk to her, hope we have another chance to cook with her again to learn even more.

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