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Natalia's Online Learning Reflection: Gordon Ramsay

by Natalia Colón

I had the amazing and fun opportunity to watch Chef Gordon Ramsay’s series through online classes. He talked about his journey to become one of the best chefs in the world. I was extremely excited to watch this series because I love his unique creativity in the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay’s series, in my opinion, was practical and applicable to chefs at all levels. Chef showcased a few recipes and touched on various technical aspects in the kitchen such as meat cuts, how to hold and sharpen a knife, and countless other skills. I noticed that Chef Ramsay likes to keep things simple in the kitchen by using minimal equipment. I like this approach because aspiring chefs start out with the basics and it is important that we understand how to use each tool to its fullest potential.

My favorite episode was about creating pasta from scratch. I love pasta and during quarantine I will use Chef’s tips and tricks to prepare his fresh pasta recipe and include my family so we can enjoy the same fun Chef Ramsay and his assistant share in the episode. I loved how Chef is a person will to teach others all of his knowledge. He took the opportunity to teach the correct way to keep a knife sharp and show step by step how to do it, and how it applied to different cuts of meat.

One of my favorite dishes Chef Ramsay showcased was cauliflower steak. I have many vegetarian friends and I am always looking for new and inventive recipes that might enjoy. When I have my own restaurant, I hope to offer exquisite foods for all food preferences. I felt that this dish was a simple concept executed at a highly professional skill set which creates an unforgettable experience for a consumer.

Another recipe I enjoyed was the roasted chicken because it is one of the most consumed meats in Puerto Rico. His approach to marinating and the flavors was mesmerizing and innovative. He explained the importance of letting food rest after coming out of the over. I loved that we were able to watch this process happen step by step.

Chef Ramsay is an inspiration to me. I can, without a doubt, say that I want to be like him. He is authentic, fun, intelligent, creative, and maintains his personality no matter what. Throughout his career he has had numerous achievements and they have been a direct result of his passion and efforts. After watching his class, I feel renewed sense of purpose. I am inspired knowing that anything I want to achieve- I can and I will. Of course, I have to continue my studies, hone my skills, live new culinary experiences, and continue to love what I do.

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