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Natalia's Reflection: Returning to School

I have classified this year as one of the great challenges of my life. After so many months without being able to work and study, I have returned to New York with more strength to fulfill my dreams. Although COVID-19 fills me with fear, I have decided to face this new beginning with positivity. I have not been exploring New York because I do not want to expose myself, but in regards to the school everything has been great so far. I have excellent grades and I am learning a lot of new things.

At school they are taking extreme measures to keep us safe throughout our learning process. Upon arrival, they take our temperature and we fill out a questionnaire that allows them to know if we are healthy enough to enter the building. During class we must wear a mask at all times, which has been a bit stressful due to the heat from the kitchen and wearing that mask makes our day more intense, but at the same time it helps me feel secure there.

For the classes, I must admit that I missed being there. I have a renewed desire to learn and I am working to make the most of every day. I am on Level 2, and this level is more focused on desserts. I have always said that desserts are not my strength and that I do not have the patience to work on them, but as the process continues, I have changed my perspective and I have been falling in love with desserts. I have learned how to make tarts, cakes, lady fingers, meringues, mousse and soufflé, and would like to use those recipes to create an elegant dessert menu when I have my restaurant. Now I can say that I love working with desserts.

I hope this new beginning is filled with many opportunities and accomplishments. As always, I am so thankful to the foundation for giving me the best opportunity of my life and allowing me to achieve one of my biggest dreams.

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