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Welcome Natalia!

We are so pleased to have two female students this year, and Natalia is from Puerto Rico! Please find her journey in NYC so far below.

During my first month in New York I have experienced so many emotions and it was a very difficult process. First, staring with the farewell of my family and all my loved ones. Second, the process of adapting to this new life, which is new to me since I had never experienced moving from my little island.

Since the beginning of the university and the rest of the days of class, I have learned to make the basic cuts, different types of products, salads, potatoes, cocottes, soups, broths. This process has been fun for me, but at the same time it has been stressful, because there is a lot to studying and you are always busy, and I was also filling out applications for jobs and tried to have my days off for leisure time, I visited Chelsea Market, Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho.

The beginning of my second month has been spectacular. I went to the museum that I wanted to go for a long time, The Natural History Museum. We spent a super day learning about the history of human and animal nature. After that we went to Little Spain, another one of the places that I had on my bucket list. We spent a relaxed afternoon and was able to clear my mind from so much work and study.

During this month my life hustle began. I was going to work, sleeping when I could and then going to study. I was super busy and I didn't have much time to go out to have some fun, also the coronavirus was on the increase in cases. But despite this, I took class days as my fun days since I really enjoyed being at school.

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