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Class of 2023 Progress Report

We're sharing the progress of our Class of 2023 Aarón Sánchez Scholarship recipients - Angie, Gio, Juan and Ody.

Progress Report:

  • Does Good Work

  • Working Hard ✓

  • Works Well With Others ✓

  • Making Progress ✓

  • Missing Assignments NONE

So this was not an OFFICIAL progress report from the Institute of Culinary Education, but you'll learn that this group is a bunch of hard-working young Latinos who are really enjoying their journey so far. Our "Friend of the Fund" UB Ciminieri spent time with them to see how they're doing.


Through the first few weeks of the program, Gio has confirmed that pastries and baking are her passion. She's using her culinary school training to build a base of knowledge for her future. "This type of classroom feels right. [Regarding preparing vegetables,] I felt like this is what you see in fancy restaurants." She's enjoyed home cooked meals with her roommates and experiencing foods that they've prepared representing their varied heritages. Watch to learn more about her first few weeks at school and what it's like baking for her roommates.


Juan has settled in quickly, even though New York City is so big compared to his hometown in Nebraska. "I'm getting used to it." Regarding school, "It has been amazing. I love how the program is very hands-on. I am a visual learner, I can see it twice then do it myself." He's learned how to precisely fabricate chickens, prepare an array of vegetables, and much more. Check out his video to learn more about his school progress, plus what it's like to cook at home with the other scholarship recipients.


Ody says "Everything is different in New York City [compared to Jacksonville Florida], and I like it. When I first got here, I'd get on the subway and get off anywhere." Outside of school he's been adventuring about town. At school, he's learned how to prepare so many things so far, even duck confit with a pan sauce. And he got a job with the cooking school recently. Check out his video to learn more about his progress.

Note: Angie's progress video is coming soon!

Stay tuned for more updates on our AMAZING Class of 2023 Aarón Sánchez Scholarship recipients!

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