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Don't blink! Things move and change quickly.

Time is definitely moving along fast and we don’t want you to miss the good things going on with the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund.

OUR NAME – That’s one of the things that has changed recently. Right in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, we rebranded our philanthropic work to the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund in order to reflect our growth in expanding the impact for Latino youth. We will continue to provide access to culinary arts education via our signature program, the Aarón Sánchez Scholarship, while also expanding into human services work such as nutrition education, crisis feeding and food access.

OUR WORK – As mentioned, we have expanded the areas where we can create impact for Latino youth. We issued our first human services grant supporting the Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s Family Engagement & Wellness Center in Watsonville, CA. This gift will help to install a large piece of refrigeration equipment at their Food Co-op, tripling the amount of fruits, vegetables and meats that are distributed to some for the most vulnerable families in their community.

OUR STUDENTS – The Class of 2022 are wrapping up their externships to complete their graduation requirements at the Institute of Culinary Arts. This calls for the reminder “Don’t blink” because their education time in New York City has happened so quickly. Here’s what some of the students have to say about their experience in culinary arts school:

“This Scholarship changed my life because it granted one of my biggest and wildest dreams of having the opportunity to study and work in the best culinary city of the world, New York City. I will always feel deeply appreciated by the Aarón Sánchez Scholarship family and Chef Aarón for granting me this surreal opportunity, and believing in me and my dreams of pursuing my diploma."

- Aimy Soto, Class of 2022

“This scholarship has changed my life by giving me an opportunity that I could only dream of, and taking me to the best culinary school in the most famous city in the world. The program gave me the tools to become the best in the industry and to represent my [northern Mexican] flavors in a unique way.”

- Alan Verdugo, Class of 2022

“This scholarship has changed my life by giving me the foundation I need to become the next generation of leaders in the culinary world. I’ve always wanted to live and work in New York City and the scholarship has allowed me to finally get my chance to get my bite out of the big apple. The scholarship has allowed to me to find that door I’ve been searching for my whole culinary career.”

- Jasmine Martinez, Class of 2022

"This scholarship changed my life for the better; it took me out of a culinary rut I was in and helped me find confidence in myself, and actually gave me the opportunity to learn and work in the best restaurants New York has to offer."

- Michael Facio, Class of 2022

OUR CLASS OF 2023 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION – It’s not too late to apply for an Aarón Sánchez Scholarship. The deadline is Saturday, October 15, 2022. We recorded a recent bilingual webinar that helps someone “Learn How to Apply.” Read about the eligibility, and watch the training videos HERE.

Our next scholarship recipients will be selected, notified, accepted, and scheduled to move to New York City in less than 90 days!

Don’t blink! Things are moving quickly!

DONATE - We can’t change lives without your help. Please DONATE to the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund today!

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