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Hector's Reflection: Life in New York

This month I have gone on various little adventures around the city. I have visited many different places and wandered around the streets to see what I could find. I have also made it a goal to try to run every day in central park, always with my mask on and with my bottle of sanitizer!

In school, during the last days of learning level two, we had to prepare a chicken dish in any way we wanted. I decided to prepared a chicken galantine filled with sautéed spinach, bacon and mushroom duxelles, with a side of roasted garlic smash potatoes, sauté vegetables, a chipotle, cranberry and almond sauce with crispy onion crisp as a garnish, and a chipotle brioche loaf of bread. It came out great, next time I need to fill it up with less stuffing so it can hold its shape better when cutting. It was extremely delicious and I was so happy with the end result!

For the final test for level two we had to make crème anglaise, whipped cream, dress a fish, truss a chicken and complete a written test on all the chapters from the level in which I got a 100 (wooo!!).

Now we are on level three making family meals for everyone in the school and learning about charcuterie, which is the making of cured meats, bacon, sausages, terrines, pates, smoked meats, brining and emulsified meats. Its been a fun and creative process trying to think of all the different dishes to cook for the family meal.

In the beginning of the month, New York was calm and not a lot of people were outside. Lately I have seen a lot of tourists and people around. I hope the cases doesn’t spike again.

I want to thank the ASSF for helping us during this pandemic and making sure we are all safe in the city, and for giving us an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. This experience is helping me achieve my goal to bring my culture and passion to the culinary world.

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