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Meet Alan!

Meet Alan - ASSF's newest recipient featured on tonight's episode of Masterchef: Legends. We are so thrilled to welcome him to our list of scholarship recipients. Keep reading to learn a little more about Alan and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up on all this ASSF & Alan's culinary journey and career!

"My name is Alan Esteban Verdugo. I am 21 years old and I was born in Nogales Sonora Mexico. Fun fact, my town is about an hour away from Chef’s Aarón Sánchez's hometown. My dream is to bring the original flavors of Northern Mexican food to the U.S and open my line of restaurants that range from a food truck selling tacos to a very nice restaurant selling out of this world flavors and cooking techniques applied to simple Sonoran food. I want people to see the true flavors of Northern Mexican cuisine and the beauty of cooking with real passion and dedication. I dream to one day to be the Mexican Gordon Ramsay."

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