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It's Back to School Time

Nope, it isn't the end of summer when many of your friends and family are posting their children's first day of school photos all over social media. But for the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund, it is back to school time!

Our new Class of 2023 scholarship recipients started their culinary school journey on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at the Institute of Culinary Education. And just a few days prior, these four young individuals took a big leap by moving away from their hometowns to relocate in New York City to chase their dreams of becoming culinary industry leaders.

I had the pleasure of meeting them and assisting with their orientation in the Big Apple. Three out of four recipients were able to fly in without weather-related issues (sorry Juan - I will meet you in person one day!) These students were brought to their new Upper West Manhattan apartment that we stocked with cleaning supplies and pantry basics, they were given some subway training and safety recommendations, then were wined and dined with members of Team Aarón before being left alone to explore and learn together.

They quickly used that subway training to meander throughout the boroughs and get in some sightseeing over the weekend. They've even already cooked for each other, which is a great way to get to know each other. And of course, they started school together!

We are excited to be with Angie, Gio, Juan and Ody as they learn and grow throughout this 8-month intensive program. Please continue reading our blog updates to follow along their journeys in New York City!

Interested in helping us help others?

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Jennifer Killian


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